Monorepos thatmake ship happen.

Monorepos are incredible for productivity, but the tooling can be a nightmare. Between Yarn, TypeScript, React, Babel, Webpack, frameworks like Next.js and Gatsby, Jest, Prettier, Rollup, ESLint, environment variables, changelogs, and getting VSCode to understand it all...there is just a lot of stuff to do (and things to mess up). Nothing “just works.” It's become completely normal to waste entire days on just tooling—tweaking configs, writing one-off scripts, and stitching stuff together.

We need something else.

A fresh take on the whole setup. Designed to glue everything together. A toolchain that works for you and not against you. With sensible defaults, but even better escape hatches. Built with the same techniques used by the big guys, but in a way that doesn't require PhD to learn or a staff to maintain.

With Turborepo, we're doing just that. We're abstracting the complex configuration needed for most monorepos into a single cohesive build system—giving you a world class development experience without the maintenance burden.

Jared P.

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